Who's Learning With Cliff's 1-DAY MBA?

Students • Artists • Athletes • Leaders • Educators • Entrepreneurs • Professionals • Parents

  • WHY YOU?

    You've been there, done that, and reached a TURNING POINT on your personal, team, or business MISSION.

  • WHY NOW?

    You're MOTIVATED by personal & professional GROWTH, and a desire for CHANGE with PURPOSE.

  • WHY 1-DAY MBA?

    You need PROVEN tools & RESULT-DRIVEN lessons that impact your REAL-WORLD CHALLENGES!

The 1-Day MBA Series

Masterclasses in Basic Abilities

Created & Instructed by Cliff Michaels

Meet Your Instructor

NY Times Bestseller • Entrepreneur • Strategic Coach • Consultant • Facilitator

Cliff Michaels

BORN in NEW YORK and raised in L.A, Cliff lives in Del Mar, California. Known for his fun, down-to-earth style, Cliff brings a passionate, result-driven approach to every challenge.

FOUNDED in 1992, Cliff Michaels & Associates specializes in start-ups, venture capital, mortgages, real estate & global education. Cliff's dynamic methods to accelerate growth include e-courses, cohorts, coaching, consulting & forum retreats for students, families, leaders & entrepreneurs.

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER, Cliff's mini-memoir & short stories on historic mentors present a paradigm shift in global education (The 4 Essentials: A Misfit's Journey to Mindset, Strategies, Values & Purpose). The book launched #1 on Amazon in 2012 and is FREE with the 1-Day MBA E-Course Series. In 2016, Cliff's 1-Day-MBA Workshop (Imagineering Ideas) was one of the highest-rated events at TEDxLA Imagine Week.

SEE CLIFF's BLOG for "Backstory & Book Highlights Live @ USC."

PAST PRESIDENT of the Entrepreneurs' Org L.A, Cliff developed EO's first charity & mentor programs benefitting Boys & Girls Club and Inclusion Matters Playgrounds. Supporting youth & underserved communities has been a passion ever since.

GIVING BACK > With each sale, FREE 1-DAY MBA E-courses go to learners & teachers in need. Cliff is also a member of USC’s EdTech Ventures, building global solutions for remote-learning.

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Darcy Marie Mayfield

Remote-Work & Culture Architect / Consultant

"2 THUMBS WAY UP! I worked with Cliff on business ventures in 2022 and experienced his 1-DAY MBA lessons first hand. He's the epitome of a people-first entrepreneur, highly-skilled in building genuine relationships, and an exceptional coach who makes complex ideas simple."

Jim Weldon

CEO, Trovo • VC Consultant • Past President Young Entrepreneurs' Org L.A. (EO/YEO)

“Cliff Michaels has been a trusted friend over 25 years. From VC, broker & boardroom advisor to extraordinary mentor for our kids, Cliff & his 1-DAY MBA courses provide intelligent & effective strategies for life & business at any stage of growth."

Jayme Riggio

CEO, Riggio Allstate, Top 1% Nationwide

“Cliff & 1-DAY MBA have my highest recommendation! Cliff has been our coach, broker, facilitator & consultant since the ’90s. His courses, leadership, and insight have also been priceless to my family, clients & friends.”

Jeremy Koff

CEO / Health-Care Consultant

“Cliff's 1-DAY MBA courses make it fast & simple to learn complex life & business strategies. From people skills to business negotiations, Cliff's lessons solve real-world challenges."

Christian Johnson

Consultant • UCLA, USC, Entrepreneur & PhD

"Cliff Michaels is an extraordinary mentor who delivered essential life & biz-skill workshops when so many of us were still in college. Cliff's 1-DAY MBA leadership & entrepreneur lessons remain arrows in our quiver to this day!"

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who's Taking 1-Day MBA Courses?

    Cliff’s learners range 12 to 80 • students • teachers • parents • salespeople • artists • athletes • leaders • executives • entrepreneurs • schools • non-profits • for-profits

  • Does the 1-Day MBA Series provide a Degree?

    1-Day MBA is NOT a degree program but includes Completion Certificates. Cliff's "MBA" stands for “Masterclass in Basic Abilities.”

  • What's the difference between Cliff’s E-courses vs Live Coaching, Workshops, Forum Training & Custom Retreats?

    E-courses are more affordable for self-paced learners. Live coaching , private forums & workshops are for those seeking hands-on, peer-to-peer training for accelerated growth.

  • How long is each 1-Day MBA E-Course?

    Lessons average 3-5 minutes. Courses average 45 minutes. The 4 Essentials Audio Book is 5 hours but time flies when you're having fun.

  • Do I need to complete courses in a fixed time-frame?

    NO. Unless your school or employer set up 1-Day MBA courses with deadlines, the benefit of self-paced learning is to learn at your pace.

  • What is the cost of 1-DAY MBA E-course vs Cliff's Live Coaching, Forums & Facilitated Retreats?

    1-DAY MBA E-Courses range from FREE to $50 each with discounts for Small Bundles or The Full 1-Day MBA Series. Fees for Cliff's Live Services are case-by-case (Coaching, Consulting, Workshops, Forum Training, Forum Facilitation, Retreats, VC & Board Advisor).

  • Is there financial-support for those in need?

    YES! Donors & Sponsors can GIFT Courses or Live Coaching & Training to recipients of their choice! LEARN MORE on our SPONSOR PAGE.

  • Can educators, schools, clubs, or companies add Cliff’s 1-Day MBA Series to their curriculum?

    YES! 1-Day MBA E-courses can be added to any curriculum or training needs. To learn more about becoming an Affiliate Reseller or Third-Party Admin for your school, club, or business, e-mail [email protected].

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